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ARkeeper, the complete software archiving solution


What is ARkeeper?

  • A powerful document archiving system
    Organize your data in an highly customizable database tree in a hierarchical form. Acquire from any TWAIN scanner or digital camera and save directly as PDF file. Retouch acquired images (page rotation adjustment, page crop). Multi-page scanning and multi-page PDF creation are also supported. Archive images, PDF files, MP3 or WAV files, HTML files or URLs, text files, and many other formats.
  • Search and find documents
    through all documents in in your Database (to find a word, or other specific properties), generate and print a report of the items found in HTML format. Export the report as spreadsheet file (XLS format, Microsoft Excel).

  • Personal and small office finance manager
    Keep track of your budget. Archive in seconds your incomes and expenses. Compute and plot the time history of your account balance, incomes and expenses with a single click. Customizable multiple currencies support. Integrated currency converter.

  • Invoice generator and management
    Create and archive Invoices, Customers and Products directly in the Database. Ideal for small and home offices and for shareware authors: Automatic Invoice generation parsing an order confirmation email from the ShareIt registration service. Direct creation of PDF Invoices, ready for your Customers. Automatic archiving of the created Invoices and integration in the account balance manager.

  • PDF creation
    Generate single or multi page PDF files from scanned paper or any other JPG image. Create a PDF invoice dossier, a photo album, a recipe book or anything else you can imagine.

  • Rich Text Editor included
    Full integration with a powerful Rich Text editor for fast note generation. It supports Images, Symbols, Table insertion. Full text justification, font, text and background color selection, page break, subscript and superscript characters and many other functions.

  • Simplify your life
    Save money and time scanning your important documents directly on your computer. Find and retrieve immediately what you search.

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